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Samsara Online Portal

Samsara Online Portal is an online Shipping website that helps the Shipping Agencies manage the shipment needs of Customers who are engaged in Export / Import operations through Shipping. Using Samsara Online Portal, Customers can register directly and do online booking for their shipping requirements. Using this portal, you can streamline your shipping processes such as Rate Request, Cargo Booking, Export Manifest entry, Load List Update, Container Movements and so on.

Also the online application helps to avoid frequent telephonic inquiry on Shipment status between Customer and Agency.

On registering in SAMSARA online shipping portal, you can directly access the programs available in the application, hence your shipment is made easier on proceeding with the rate request, cargo booking and other shipment process. It also helps the customer to track containers both Export and Import shipments. Portal has the facility to view the Proforma invoice and customer can enter the payment reference details once they remit the money in the agencies' bank accounts.


The intended audiences of the online portal will be the Shipping Agencies and Customers who are highly engaged in logistics business. The portal programs are User specific, i.e., based on User configuration, Users can perform certain Activities or Actions in the application, such as edit or delete the record.

Scope of the document

The scope of the document is to provide complete information about the shipping portal and a complete walk through of the application to the End Users. The end users would be the Online Customers and the Shipping Agency Users.

Online Customers are those who want to register in the portal, or those who had already registered in the portal. Agency Users are the CSU (Customer Service Unit) Users who will approve Customer registration, Customer rate request or booking without rate request, and also the shipping instruction in the portal.

About Portal

The shipping portal gives solution to the shipment demands of the Shipping Agencies and Customers whose business is associated with Logistics.

Some of the facilities that Shipping Customer can avail using this shipping e-portal are as listed below:

Customer Registration and approval Process
Online Rate inquiry before booking, with approval process
Quote the booking rate and accept / deny the quoted rate after approval
Create bookings with the approval process
Track the empty releases
Track the linked Containers
Advise Pre load list
Verify load list at any point of time
Prepare the Shipping Instruction with approval process
Verify Shipment Instructions
Enter the payment details against each shipment etc
Inquiry on Tariff and Vessel schedule
View Draft BL and Invoice for BL Prepared
Query Import BL and give request for Detention Advice and Proforma Invoice and update Payment Details

Features of the Portal

System provides ultimate Customer shipping services
Improve Customer Service by on-time delivery of shipments
Improve Import/Export Operations for Containers as well as Shipments being made
Appropriate CSU approvals in portal